Our Story

Mission Statement

Imperial Suites will offer clean, affordable, high-quality suites and townhouse accommodations for the business and vacation traveler. The suites are comfortable, stylish and are located in convenient locations of the city. Imperial Suites will guarantee the finest service, quality and choice of furnished accommodations.

Our Story

Imperial Suites have been offering our clients a variety of fully-furnished accommodation options for over 20 years. During this time, we have worked closely with our customers to ensure the accommodations that we offer meet as many of their requirements as possible. Our one, two and three-bedroom apartments, condominiums, townhouses and single-family homes are strewn throughout Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal to offer choice and convenience, whatever your temporary housing needs may be.

We are an honest and dedicated team that believe in the value of relationships and the impact they have on the experiences of the people we work with. We choose not to categorize our values and promises, because to us the characteristics of a respectable business are those of any good-standing citizen. We believe in respectful communication, ethical behaviour, dedication and positive interactions and experiences for everyone we come into contact with. We do not mislead, we do not over-promise and we put forth our full effort to bring the highest level of satisfaction to our guests, clients, owners, partners and suppliers.

Internally, our team-building occurs each and every day - it is not a scheduled event. We share in our responsibilities, we teach each other and we respect each other’s differences in order to help foster a level of equality amongst ourselves. Whatever the position is within our team, we all hold an equal importance to the success of what Imperial Suites is today.

Our office team is available to discuss accommodation inquiries almost 24 hours a day, every day. There is no call centre or automated service. When you call, you will have a live conversation with a member of our team. We welcome and encourage you to tour our suites anytime. Knowing that in most cases this is not possible, we have designed a profile sheet for each suite with photos taken by our team. These unedited photos provide you with the closest thing to seeing it in person, and they are updated whenever there are any changes in the suite décor.

Guest experience is of the highest importance and is enhanced by offering a personalized and friendly service. We are there to greet our guests on their day of arrival - no matter the time - to welcome them to what is oftentimes a foreign environment. Our assistance is offered with bags, and we guide our guests to their suite so they can get settled in and we can ensure they have an understanding of how everything works (such as appliances, etc). Our Guest Services Department follows up within 48 hours to offer further assistance and to answer any questions that may have arisen since settling in.

Click here to meet our team members, or contact us to meet in person - we welcome visitors anytime.


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