"Everyone at Imperial Suites was professional, courteous and wonderful to work with."
- Anonymous -

"Shannon McGuey and her team of Imperial Suites are very hardworking, reliable professionals with an amazing attention to detail. Their communication is courteous, accurate and on regular basis. They managed and maintained my suite in an impeccable way, super clean and I felt very secure that they were taking care of the suite. They absolutely go that extra mile for the suite owner as well as for the tenants and their customer service is always very welcoming, facilitating and solution-oriented. I feel very fortunate that Imperial Suites, and Shannon personally, are managing and booking my suite. It is a real pleasure doing business with them and I highly recommend Imperials Suites to anyone who is looking for a first-class property management and reservation company in Canada."
- Gera Landmeter -

"Imperial Suites has been looking after our property since 2007, they are one of the most professional and courteous companies I have ever dealt with. They communicate with us on a regular basis so we always know what is happening with the condo, only once in the 8 years have we had to go to the unit and that was for a simple fix my husband said he could do. Our unit has been very well looked after and has been very profitable for us.  We will remain loyal clients for many years to come."
- Sharon Sidorak -

"Our family had been working with Imperial Suites since 2003. Over the years they managed number of our units in Calgary and Edmonton. People who run the company are very professional and pleasure to do business with. Units are being kept in pristine condition and maintenance is done promptly and efficiently."
- Dembs -

"As an Investor, I feel fortunate to be partnering with Imperial Suites. I am confident that my asset is being well maintained, and have benefited financially and with peace of mind during the 2.5 years of our relationship. With the friendly and available staff, I highly recommend property owners consider Imperial Suites as a value-adding asset manager."
- Tristan -

"Imperial Suites has managed several of my investment properties in Calgary for over 15 years. Since then, we have rode the market high and lows together, and all throughout Imperial Suites has maintained their professionalism and transparency on managing my expectations on return on investment. They have given me the confidence to continue register my investment properties under their management, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone looking for property management to Imperial Suites."
- D.P. -  

"The Imperial Suites experience has been really great for us. As owner of an executive rental property, Imperial assisted in making the entire process seamless. We met Shannon and Tali in the fall of 2014 and they were instrumental in explaining us the entire process and making sure that suite was fully prepared for corporate clients. All of our questions via phone calls or e-mails were answered promptly with professionalism. Thank you to all Imperial staffs including Shannon, Thea, Tali, Sylvia, Darrion. We highly recommend Imperial Suites as a premier property reservation agency in Calgary."
- Manoj -

"I have been delighted with the service both to myself and their clients. I rest easy knowing that I have entrusted my home to Imperial Suites. They genuinely care about the home owners and their clients. Knowing they are in my home for the cleaning visits puts my mind at ease because I know they are ensuring my furniture and inside of the house is being cared for."
- Happy Homeowner and partner with Imperial Suites, Tara Johnson-Ouellette -

"I have had my property listed with Imperial Suites since early 2013. Prior to this time, I had numerous consultations with Imperial Suites to plan required renovations to ensure my home would be up to theirs, and their customers standards. After renovations, they furnished my home with high-quality, low-cost furniture that could be readily replaced if necessary. Since then, I receive timely, detailed monthly revenue statements indicating days rented, associated revenues and expenses. I am very satisfied with rental intervals arranged by Imperial Suites, especially given Alberta's economy. Staff at Imperial Suites, and I mean ALL staff, are very professional and respond to any concern I have, promptly, courteously and with the required details. When any home maintenance is required, they always indicate the issue to me (often with accompanying pictures), allowing me to decide if I would like Imperial Suites to perform the maintenance, or if I am to make the arrangements. As a home owner, I perceive Imperial Suites as a well-run company providing me fair rental revenue. Equally important to me is that Imperial Suites staff keep my home in near perfect condition, thus protecting the market value of my asset."
- Olaf Hansen, Home Owner -

“My two investment properties in Calgary are now managed by Imperial Suites since last few years. I had to switch from other property management company to Imperial suite due to lack of transparency in dealing I experienced with other Property management company. I have found Imperial Suites very transparent in their dealing.  Their staffs are well trained for this type of hospitality industries and are very professional in their approach. They are very well looking after the interest of investors even in this sluggish market. I believe that our investment is safe in their hand.”
- D.D. -

"Imperial Suites has managed our investment properties in Calgary and Edmonton for over ten years. As investors we feel that Imperial Suites has consistently maintained our properties with great care and attention. They are very accommodating and have always helped us when we were to make changes in the past. Although we live overseas we take great comfort in knowing that our investment properties are cared for and maintained as if we were looking after them ourselves".
- C.S. -


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