Imperial Suites Team Group Photo Imperial Suites Team Group Photo

Where family
and hospitality
come together.

Fostering a welcoming sense of
belonging in every stay.

At Imperial Suites, we offer more than accommodations. We provide a
sense of belonging and security that helps every guest feel at home,
wherever they stay.

Imperial Suites Family

A family business that gets it.

Imperial Suites grew out of real travel
experiences, similar to yours.

Our founder, George, spent years crisscrossing North America on business trips. He became all too familiar with the impersonal hotel experience, eating out at restaurants, and uncomfortable couches. So when the opportunity came for him to explore the Corporate Housing industry, he modeled this new venture on his own experiences.

Imperial Suites Team

It’s no coincidence that at Imperial Suites, every couch is designed for the perfect 15-minute power nap, a testament to George’s personal touch.

His goal has always been to provide business travelers with hospitality in a comfortable and clean environment during their travels. These core values continue to guide the company today.

George never planned for Imperial Suites to become a family business. However, it naturally evolved into one as his wife, daughter and son joined him. As the business expanded, so did their team, and each member has become part of the family. Together, they maintain a steadfast commitment to offering premium accommodations, tailored to each guest’s needs, focusing on comfort, convenience, and a truly homelike experience.

Imperial Suites Values

Our promise is to make every stay with us feel like a seamless transition so that you can
focus on what matters most, whether it’s business success or personal well-being.

  • Customer-Centric

    Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to understand your needs and provide quality service that consistently exceeds your expectations.

  • Integrity and

    In every business decision we make, honesty and transparency are our guiding principles, ensuring we build and maintain long-term trust with our guests and partners.

  • Hospitality and

    Our commitment goes beyond just offering accommodations. We focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every guest feels right at home.

Memberships, Accreditations & Awards

We take pride in our active involvement in industry associations, our commitment to staying current, giving back to our community, and maintaining our dedication to our work.

The accreditation we hold reassures consumers of the safety, cleanliness, security, and quality of our accommodations.

We are grateful for the recognition we have received from both our industry peers and our clients.

Meet The Family

Here are the incredible humans that are here to help you feel comfortable while you stay with us.

    • Tina Calgary Team


      Reception & Admin

      A sweet soul who will always stop to say hello, Tina is determined and with a big heart. She has recently changed roles from operations to office. She is the first hello from our family to yours!

    • Jenna Guest Services


      Business Development

      Converted from 16 years of experience in the Hotel Industry, Jenna is the go to for building relationships and making sure your needs are met. Her lighthearted and honest approach makes her just that, approachable!

    • David Guest Services


      Digital Marketing & Guest Service

      At your service! Dave serves to please and does it with a full heart and smile on his face. His creative background in video photography brings to you the stunning visuals our suites.

    • Brooke Calgary Team


      Regional Operations Supervisor

      Brooke’s sweet personality is not one to fool anyone, she is an organized and meticulous operations supervisor who ensures your Calgary suites are as perfect as they can be for your welcome to the city and throughout your stay.

    • Sheldon Edmonton Team


      Regional Operations Manager

      Raised in the industry of Corporate Housing, Sheldon is the mini-Pauline of the company. His operational ability coupled with his customer service brings outstanding service to you.

    • Natalia Calgary Team


      Operations & Housekeeping

      Natalia may come across as shy but she is a personality you want to know. Full of energy and life. Our Calgary suites would not be the same cleanliness without her helpful and valued efforts.

    • Pauline Management Team


      Operations Manager

      The largest personality we have. She comes with a smile, big heart and big energy. She maintains an unbelievably organized and tight ship within the overall operations. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her.

    • Diana Guest Services


      Reservations & Guest Services

      With a background in hospitality management, Diana is our youngest gem who brings refreshed energized ideas to the table. She is your go to for all your accommodation needs throughout Canada.

    • Brandi Guest Services


      Assistant General Manager

      Our east coast gal, she is one of a kind superhuman who has been a part of the family for 15 years. Her company wide experience and outstanding customer service are qualities we cannot do without.

    • Christina Montreal Team


      Regional Operations Supervisor

      A woman who leads Montreal with spirit, kindness, and love, she has been a part of our family for nearly 10 years. With an Engineering and Hospitality background she has strategy to conquer almost anything.

    • Marilynn Calgary Team


      Laundry Attendant

      Our wonderful laundry expert, she has been a part of the family for nearly 10 years. Marilynn ensures the Alberta linens are looking crisp and clean for your comfort during your stay.

    • Chelsea Edmonton Team


      Operations & Housekeeping

      A lovely soul who is hardworking and dedicated to making sure your Edmonton suites are as clean as can be before and during your stay in Edmonton.

    • Madelyn Guest Services


      General Accountant

      With over 15 years of experience in various company sizes, she brings forward new perspectives and always seeks to find the best way forward. Her upbeat personality brings a unique warm welcome to all your number needs.

    • Angie Montreal Team


      Operations & Housekeeping

      One with a laughter and personality that shines through all that she does, Angie has been a part of our family for nearly 10 years. She one of the cleaning gurus who ensures your suite is top notch for your arrival and during your stay in Montreal.

    • Shannon Management Team


      General Manager

      Raised in the industry of Corporate Housing, she is the mini-George of the company. Her adventurous lifestyle brings a world experience that elevates the hospitality experience she encourages through the team.

    • Tracy Calgary Team


      Operations & Housekeeping

      One of a few of our cleaning gurus, being a part of the family for nearly 10 years, she is one we could not do without. Tracy’s experience ensures the suites are top notch for every guests stay in Calgary.

    • George Management Team


      Owner / President

      The man behind it all. The owner with the vision that built the successes of what we are able to offer you today. He has set a foundation that spirit the company as a whole.

    • Kate Edmonton Team


      Operations & Housekeeping

      Being a part of our family for nearly 10 years, Kate has a big heart and is adored by all guests. She is a helpful and important part of our Edmonton team.

    • Ashley Montreal Team


      Laundry & Housekeeping

      Being Quebec born but English raised she is a gem, one who ensures the Montreal linens are looking crisp and clean for your comfort during your stay. She makes sure our operations stay organized so that the others don’t have to worry.

    • Izabel

      Operations & Housekeeping

      We are excited to welcome Izabel to our family. Izabel no only aids in keeping the suites in the pristine condition you find them in, she also safely navigates our crew between buildings

    • Lindy

      Regional Operations Supervisor

      We are excited to welcome Lindy to our family. Lindy has joined the Edmonton operations team with the plan to lead the team throughout their daily schedules. Welcome to the team Lindy!

Not just a place to stay.
A place to unwind.
A place to live.

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