Furnished Rental Edmonton

What do you do when you have sold your home but your new home will not be ready for a few weeks to a couple of months? Staying in a cramped and impersonal hotel does not sound appealing. Renting an apartment seems to not be the best solution because you are not sure of how long you will need it and they usually require a lease of some sort. Not to mention having to pack and unpack twice in such a relatively short time. A furnished rental Edmonton is the perfect solution and Imperial Suites is the best source to find it.

For over 10 years, Imperial Suites has been providing their guest with the best accommodations, located in the best areas, with the best pricing and the best customer service. For a furnished rental Edmonton through Imperial Suites you will have several choices from quaint apartments or sizeable condominiums to townhomes that are spacious and comfortable. We want to find the best home between homes for you. Whether you need a furnished rental Edmonton for a few weeks or a couple of months, we can accommodate you.

Since you would like to pack and unpack everything only one time, you will be happy to know that all you will need to bring with you to your furnished rental Edmonton through Imperial Suites is your personal items and food. We will provide you with all the essentials and will make every effort to meet any specific requirements you have. Each furnished rental Edmonton has a fully equipped kitchen so that your daily life can stay as close to normal as possible. All of the necessities in the kitchen like dishes, utensils, cutlery, cooking utensils, toaster and coffee maker will be there for you. Don’t worry about towels and bedding, we have all that you will need. We even have weekly housekeeping for you. We want to make your stay in afurnished rental Edmonton as simple as possible.

Are you concerned because you are a family that will need to find afurnished rental Edmonton? Do not worry. Imperial Suites has several properties that are family friendly. Maybe it is the pet that you have that concerns you? We also have a couple of properties that are pet friendly. Glance at our FAQs page for answers to these and other commonly asked questions.

Our representatives are ready to assist you in finding the perfectfurnished rental Edmonton for you and your family. Our number is 403-543-8733 or 1-888-270-0802. We look forward to assisting you.
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